Smart design of the health protection apartments in HCMC.

Green Star Sky Garden project is equipped with smarthome devices with specialized air filter systems, infrared bathrooms, ionizer water filters...

This project of Hung Loc Phat investor has an area of ​​more than 10000m2, including 100 million USD-villas and 903 apartments.

Towards the model of apartment for wellness, besides the basic facilities such as gym, spa, the investor spend 11.000m2 surface and nearly 600 billion VND to grow the inner green park and Thien Duong lake. It is estimated that this area can filter 56 million liters of polluted air and provide more than 50 million liters of pure oxygen per year, which helps lower project temperatures than the surrounding environment.

Pictures of the perspective model of sky view- swimming pool and Thien Duong Lake.

Throughout the project, there is a tropical sky-garden complex with an ion osenium pool, an aerial resort style swimming pool. And with the detox restaurant system and organic foods on the ground floor. According to representative of Hung Loc Phat, these items are the first protection layer to bring fresh air, separate the project with the crowded city streets.

"11,000 square meters of green trees & water surface and common facilities in the building will bring a fresh, energetic atmosphere to the whole project," said Hung Loc Phat's respresentative.

The second layer of protection is in the residents' own apartments, equipped with built-in equipment to restrict air pollution, external bacteria as well as help purify the body, eliminate toxins .

To help customers visualize the line of wellness products, the investor has launched two Green Star Sky Garden's models with luxurious and modern design, ; consists of 65m2 area apartment with two bedrooms and 94.6m2 area apartment with three bedrooms .

The photos of Green Star Sky Garden's apartment models

The door is made of fire-resistant wood and uses a smart key, which can be opened by fingerprint, code or magnetic card. With this door lock, the residents no longer have to worry about forgetting the key as well as convenience when having family or friends to visit unexpectedly. Outside the door has a face detection camera system, homeowners can see visitors through the video call screen mounted directly on the wall or by application on the smartphone.

The electrical appliances in the apartment such as lights, air conditioning, air purifiers, curtains ... also integrates smart home application. Homeowners can control devices via cellular phone as well as pre-programmed time to switching on or off them. For example, when preparing to leave the office, homeowners can use the smartphone to open the curtain, turn on air conditioning and air purifiers before returning home.

03 bedroom apartment model's photos of Green Star Sky Garden.

Inside the apartments, the investor uses some walls with attached mirrors, designs many doors for more spacious space, easy to receive wind and natural light. Both model apartments have a seamless design between the space of living room - kitchen and dining room to create a sense of ventilation for the apartments. The living room in both model apartments also are used large attached mirror walls, helping people feel the room area is doubled.

As design, all Green Star Sky Garden apartments will have at least one balcony. With the large green area of the project, and the living room layout overlooking the balcony, the apartments are easy to receive light and fresh air from outside. The living room is also the place where the investor installs air purifier to enhance the health protection for residents. In addition to eliminating airborne contaminants, the specialized air filtration system can also remove PM 2.5 fine dust particles, which help family members maintain a healthy respiratory systems.

With the strength of both real estate investor and professional operation in the field of mining, trading building materials, marble and granite flooring stones... Hung Loc Phat always uses the best quality products in our projects. All floors in the common area of the Green Star Sky Garden use marble tiles to make the apartment' space look more bright and airy. Antibacterial paints are also used to prevent the entry of harmful bacteria from the outside.

Outside the living room, the architect spends quite a large area to arrange the balcony area. With the view toward 3,000 square feet of Thien Duong lake or Phu My Hung urban area, homeowners can order a lovely tea table or relaxing chair in the balcony to enjoy fresh air every dawn or sunset.

Photos of bathroom in the Green Star Sky Garden apartment model.

In addition, the water used in each apartment will be taken from the central water filtration system of the whole project to ensure the best health for the residents. This is a large-scale water filtration system to completely remove toxic substances in water. With this system, residents can drink water at the tap, without any boiling or filtering.

"With the aim of becoming the first investor to develop the wellness apartment in Vietnam, we have efforted to bring the best health products into the project. Our goal is that each Green Star Sky Garden apartment will become a detox resort, helping residents enjoy the feeling of relaxation and health every day." Hung Loc Phat representative said.

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